Hey there! It’s time for another blog from your favorite CBD store, Cannagea. Whether you shop online or visit us in Fort Collins, we appreciate you to the moon and back. That’s why, where we usually share information in our blogs, we want to open the floor to our amazing customers. 

While we use CBD daily and are always looking for ways to innovate and expand the products we offer, we know that of the millions of people who utilize CBD, you all surely have some opinions and desires when it comes to the products you want to use.

After all, we all live different lifestyles and use CBD for unique reasons. Thus, in today’s blog, we’re going to talk a bit about how we’re trying to offer more options, and pose some questions for our readers/customers. 

Keep reading to get started!

Cannagea CBD Products

If you’ve been patronising our CBD outlets since the beginning, you’d know for the longest time we only offered Cannagea products through our stores. We’ve made sure to cover the main mediums of CBD consumption — edible CBD, topical CBD, and even smokable CBD — and we’re always looking to expand our collection of house-made products. 

After all, we take great pride in the quality of and community surrounding our products. If you’re not familiar, our founder, John Vail, dedicated his professional life to making great CBD when he realized the incredible value ways that it can improve one’s quality of life. For John, CBD helped him find relief and raise his quality of life after suffering from chronic pain, and he wanted to spread the news.

While the inspiration for the company starts with John’s epiphany about the potential of CBD, the products he creates start with something even better — Colorado grown, certified USDA Organic hemp! From there, our proprietary extraction process yields us high-potency, safe, and effective CBD.

Then, this concentrate can be integrated into a vast array of products like the edibles, topicals, and smokeables that we mentioned above! You’ve surely seen the variety of Cannagea products expanding, and we hope you like what we’ve been rolling out. But, this is where you come in! 

Answer in the comments below, or by contacting us today:

  • Are there any types of CBD products you’d like to see from Cannagea?
  • Are flavors/scent options for out various CBD products something you’d like to expand on?
  • Are there any CBD products we make that you think we could improve on?
  • Would you be interested in an increased variety of dosage options?

Again, we are here for YOU! We make CBD so people can live healthy, limitless lives. If you have feedback about our Cannagea products, please let us know

Other CBD Brands And Products

In addition to the Cannagea products we create ourselves, we’ve recently expanded the inventory of external CBD brands that we offer online and in store! Although we talked about the new products we’re offering at length in our previous blog, we think it’s important to restate that the CBD we sell from other brands are vetted to ensure they meet clear quality standards for their products.

We have recognized that we have CBD products we excel at making, and we have peers who also offer unique CBD products that we don’t have the capacity to create. Thus, we decided to unite the CBD community, especially because we’re in the center of a problematic CBD craze! Because the FDA has not issued blanket-approval of CBD products, companies are trying to make a quick buck by selling low-potency, low-quality CBD. Obviously, this is a problem, and for some time we thought our best bet was to stick to what we know — our own products.

But, as we’ve met with, collaborated with, and started working with other CBD companies in the country, we realized something. Sure, every store has a litany of random products that “include CBD.” However, there are a huge amount of companies like ours who are transparent about the hemp they source their CBD from, the extraction methods they use to make their CBD, the results of third-party testing that’s been done on their products, and finally how they make the finished products they offer.

Long story short, there are a lot of people, like John, who simply want to help the world heal with an incredible, natural, and beneficial compound. If you’ve yet to shop our new products from other CBD companies, please head to our store and check them out, and if you have, please provide us some feedback in the comments or by contacting us with your thoughts on the following questions:

  • What CBD products from other companies do you want to see more of?
  • Are there CBD products from other companies you’d like Cannagea to offer?
  • Do you find a new category of CBD products we now offer extremely beneficial? If so, which one(s)?

Like we said, we want your feedback — it’s the best way for us to improve and offer our clients what they want and need. To provide your answers, comment below, or contact us today.


We love CBD, we love hemp, and most importantly, we love people! We can’t stress enough that we’re here to help and want to form our business to meet the needs of our customers. As we’ve said numerous times, if you have a question, suggestion, comment, or opinion on the products we offer, contact us today