Welcome back to the Cannagea blog, and happy 2020! We’re so excited to experience another incredible year where we get the privilege to share our incredible CBD products with the world. To get this year started off right, we’re going to use this blog to give some insight as to how you can utilize CBD in a way that contributes to and heightens your overall wellness.


What Is Wellness?

Simply put, wellness is being in good health. We understand, that’s a pretty vague way to explain the concept — don’t worry, there’s more to it. Where wellness gets complicated is in its scope. This is because wellness has actually been divided into eight different categories: physical, emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, and financial wellness. 

So to go a bit further, wellness is having a healthy relationship and existence within each of these different paradigms. While CBD isn’t the key to achieve wellness in these areas, it can most definitely supplement and heighten different paradigms of wellness. Today, we’ll focus specifically on how CBD can assist with your physical and emotional wellness. Why these two specifically? 

Physical and emotional wellness are the two areas of wellness that can be most easily affected by the benefits of CBD. Once we finish discussing these two major types of wellness, we’ll have a brief discussion of some other ways CBD may be able to help you achieve heightened wellness in some other areas.

Before we get started, it’s important to note: if you’re looking to mitigate or deal with a severe wellness issue, be it physical, mental, or any other category, be sure to consult your physician first. While there is a massive body of anecdotal evidence that supports the validity of CBD’s benefits, it’s not yet entirely FDA approved. This simply means that by consulting your physician, you’ll gain insight as to whether CBD is a viable option for you or not. 


CBD and Physical Wellness

Perhaps the most relevant application of CBD for wellness is in your physical wellness. If you’re a returning visitor, you may already know this, but it’s important to share nonetheless. Our bodies feature an endocannabinoid system that manages things like pain, hunger, and regulates body temperature. This system has receptors that when interacted with, communicate sensations to the brain like hunger or pain. 

Now when you use CBD, it serves to block these receptors which ultimately block the signal to your brain. For example, say you’re experiencing muscle pain and inflammation. That’s because you’re muscle is injured to some extent — from there the endocannabinoid system is triggered and sends the signal that something is wrong, triggering pain. 

When you take CBD, they bind with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, blocking those interactions and thus then pain you would feel if you weren’t using CBD.

Now that we understand how CBD works, we can explain how you can use it for your physical wellness. As we’ve implied through our example, CBD has been shown to mitigate chronic and acute pain. If your life is being hindered by severe pain, CBD could help manage it, increasing your quality of life and your physical wellness as well. 

Additionally, there is evidence that suggests CBD could assist with overeating. In the same way CBD can block pain signals, it can block signals of hunger. The idea being that if you struggle with overeating, anxious eating, or the like, CBD could help manage those cravings to eat when you’re not actually hungry. A healthy, balanced diet is essential for physical wellness, making this potential benefit a direct way to contribute to your physical wellness.

To utilize CBD for physical wellness, there are a variety of things you can do. For pain mitigation, a CBD topical may be the most beneficial, because you can apply a lotion, salve, or other topical directly to an area that you’re experiencing pain. However a CBD product like a tincture could also be effective at mitigating pain, but is also an easily integrated way to use CBD to try and control food cravings. 

Emotional Wellness

While CBD isn’t a substitute for mental health services, there is evidence that heavily suggests its ability to assist with depression, anxiety, and overall relaxation. In terms of depression specifically, CBD can have a positive effect on serotonin receptors. Serotonin is responsible for feelings of happiness, so when it’s absent we feel depressed. With CBD, studies have shown that CBD has the potential to help balance serotonin levels, which could help manage depression.

With anxiety, we return to the endocannabinoid system. In the same way CBD blocks signals of pain or hunger, evidence suggests it can have the same result with anxiety or panic. Anecdotal evidence from CBD users who struggle with anxiety has claimed that their anxiety is easier to manage or entirely absent when using CBD. 

Finally, CBD has the reputation of being relaxing. And from our personal experience, we can concur! When you use CBD, you’ll likely experience a relaxed, calm sensation. This sensation can help facilitate mindfulness which will ultimately increase your emotional wellness. 

To utilize CBD for emotional wellness, our advice is to first consult with your physician. They may have suggestions for products or potencies to get you started. Then, from there you can experiment with different CBD products and doses to see what works best for your needs and lifestyle. 

CBD And Other Forms Of Wellness

The truth of the matter is this — all realms of wellness are connected, so if you’re falling behind in caring for one aspect of your holistic wellness, other areas are also likely being affected. For starters, if you’re able to manage your emotional and physical health, you’ll be more prepared to address and improve wellness in other areas.

But to give a few specifics, here are some things to consider. If you struggle in social situations because of social anxiety, there is a very real possibility that CBD can help you manage that anxiety, increasing your social wellness. If you find that CBD is extremely helpful when it comes to your mindfulness and relaxation, that will open up avenues to strengthen and address your spiritual wellness. 

The list goes on, but here is the takeaway — when you can feel confident where you are with your emotional and physical health, you’ll be more aware of how you can focus on the other areas of wellness in your life. 

Cannagea CBD

Wellness is a complex, vast concept that’s difficult to holistically cover in a single blog post, but hopefully we’ve helped you gain an understanding of some simple ways that CBD can be effective in contributing to your overall wellness.

If you have questions about CBD and its effects or would like to discuss further how you can use CBD to heighten your wellness, please contact us today! And if you’re interested in stocking up on your CBD rations for the year 2020, make sure you shop at our online store, or stop by to visit us in Fort Collins, Colorado at our physical location! 

We look forward to doing business with you and can’t wait to hear what Cannagea CBD does for you!