The Cannagea Story

“My joints ache.”
“I’m always so tired. It feels like I never get a good night of sleep.”
“I’ve been to the doctor, but the meds just don’t cut it.”

Sound Familiar?

John Vail, General Manager of Cannagea, knows the feeling. When John encountered stubborn pain and inflammation in his knee, he thought the problem would never go away.
And Then He Found It…
Hemp oil. After several of his friends recommended CBD for his e-cigarette business, John began to investigate. Desperate to relieve chronic pain and inflammation in his knee, he met with a number of growers and began to develop his own CBD tincture. John tried it himself to see if it was effective and…
It was a Complete Game Changer.
John’s pain wasn’t just reduced or temporarily relieved. It went away completely. After just a few days of using the CBD tincture he created himself, the inflammation in John’s knee went down, and the pain went away and never came back.
Cue Our Passion For The Product
When you encounter something so life-changing, you want to share it with others. Our mission at Cannagea is to get high-quality cannabidiol products into the hands of people who need them the most.
And by that, we mean we want to make these products affordable. But… How do you do that?
It’s actually quite simple. Cut out the middlemen. And that is exactly what we’ve done.
We manufacture and produce every Cannagea product ourselves.

Cannagea is the manufacturer and producer of all the products within our brand. We go straight to the source to ensure that you receive the highest quality CBD products for the lowest price.

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John Vail - Cannagea CBD Hemp Oil Fort Collins, Colorado

“Cannagea – A path to better health.”

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