“Exceeded Expectations”

Recently I tore my ACL and had to have surgery. My neighbor gave me a bottle of his CBD oil to try and it helped me manage my post-op pain quite a bit. Already I am starting to walk and have made a lot of progress! This CBD oil has completely exceeded my expectations!

James S.

“Keep The Edge Off”

The gel capsules have been working great for my peripheral neuropathy. Including these in my morning vitamins seems to keep the edge off all day. If you are in any type of chronic nerve pain I would recommend trying these or one of the tinctures. The pills are nice since I can take them with my morning vitamins easily.

Dana P.

“Long Lasting Effect”

I am a user of the soft gels to help control a lingering soreness from a muscle tear that is especially pronounced in colder temperatures. Helps the muscle relax and seems to reduce my limp. The capsules are rather strong and have a long-lasting effect.

Geoff W.

“Stay Focused All Day”

Mixed the 600 lemon oil into my smoothies each morning before sitting in traffic on the way to work. Reduces my anxiety and helps me stay focused during the day. Highly recommended for general stress.

Kathleen I.

“Hiking Again”

My friend recommended I try Hemp oil for my chronic back pain. I have an inflamed disk that has been limiting my movement considerably. Within a month of taking the oil, my back is much improved and I can now go hiking again! The natural flavor has a bit of a hempy/grass taste to it but is not overpowering or unpleasant.

Molly L.

“Helped my IBS”

Bottle arrived within 2 days of placing my order. I tried the lemon flavor and was very content with the taste of the oil. The dropper as advertised was marked out to help me control my dosage. The bottle lasted me about 2 months using .5ml per day. Helped immensely with my IBS!

Shane D.

“Adds A Nice Calm”

1200 Peppermint and 1200 wintergreen have been keeping me happy this winter. I like to mix them into my peppermint tea with some honey. Adds a nice calm to the tea and helps my throat with the dry conditions.

Steve B.

“Better Understanding”

I received an orange citrus 600mg as a gift from my friend. I didn’t really know much about CBD and was a little cautious to take it. I went to the website and called them, they directed me on the website to show me the certification of analysis and help me have a way better understanding of CBD and their product.

Trisha L.

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