Hello, Cannagea is back, once again, to provide our readers with some helpful information regarding CBD. With our company, we’re focused on two things: 1) Creating the most amazing CBD available anywhere, and 2) doing our part to ensure that CBD consumers know the information they need to know to properly use and get the most out of CBD.

Today, we’re going to be discussing something that’s just as important as knowing how to consume CBD — properly storing your CBD. 

Before You Acquire Your CBD

Before we get started, it’s important to note that CBD doesn’t go bad in the sense that it will become harmful or toxic if consumed past a certain point. In the realm of CBD, ‘going bad’ is only in regard to potency. Over time, those incredible cannabinoids that provide us with the many benefits of CBD that we know and love will break down and ultimately be less effective than when the CBD product was ‘fresh.’

There are precautions we take to ensure the longest shelf life of our CBD. Like most companies, it starts with the packaging. As you may have noticed, all of our tinctures are stored in dark blue glass bottles. This is intentional! Firstly, glass is less permeable than plastic, meaning it takes longer for air to get into the container. Secondly, the dark medium of glass limits sunlight, and thus UV rays. Air and UV rays are two elements that will expedite the breaking down of the cannabinoids that we mentioned above. 

For our other products like our CBD gummies, CBD pet treats, and CBD topicals, they aren’t stored in glass containers, but they will last a long time in the packaging they’re sold in. However, if you’re worried you won’t use the product fast enough, you can transfer them to an airtight glass jar. 

How Long Does CBD Last?

CBD actually has an incredible shelf life! Most CBD oils are good-to-go for two whole years! This should be plenty of time to use up all of your CBD products from Cannagea, but if you find yourself with CBD oil or other CBD products after two years, discard it and get some more! Again, while the CBD won’t harm you at all after its expiration date, it won’t be as potent and the overall taste of the product may suffer. 

What’s more, your CBD product should have an expiration date! And at the very least, if you’re unsure of how long you can store your CBD, our company representatives will be happy to talk with you to give you an idea. 

How To Store Your CBD

At the end of the day, it’s remarkably easy to store your CBD safely and effectively. First and foremost, you want to be certain that you’re storing your CBD in an area that’s inaccessible to children, and a place where it won’t get mistaken for a non-CBD product. Especially if you’re enjoying our CBD gummies or other edible CBD mediums. Truthfully, responsible storage is perhaps the most important/difficult aspect of storing CBD. The last thing we want is for a child or any other person to experience is the onset of CBD’s effects when they weren’t ready for or expecting it. 

Now, let’s talk about where and how to store your CBD for the best results. As we mentioned above, you’ll be good simply storing your CBD in the provided packaging from our retailer. Store it at room temperature, however, feel free to store the CBD product in the refrigerator if you prefer the sensation and flavor that provides. 

Next, store your CBD out of the path of direct sunlight. While our packaging is effective at keeping UV rays at bay, you’ll definitely notice a decline in quality if the CBD is stored in a bright, sunny place. Additionally, avoid storing your CBD in places where it will be subject to extreme heat or cold, as these factors could compromise the quality of your product. 

Finally, when storing your CBD, make sure you firmly close the container to maintain an airtight seal. Also, do your best to keep any contaminants out of the CBD (dirt, debris, residual oils, etc.). 

High kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, closets, and other dark, cool places are optimal for storing your CBD. 

Cannagea CBD Products

Thank you for stopping by for another of our CBD blogs! We really enjoy providing this information, and we hope it’s helped you gain a better understanding of using CBD. If you’re interested in trying some of our incredible CBD for your self, check out our online store or visit our brick-and-mortar location in Fort Collins, CO. And if you have any questions about our CBD, storing CBD, or what CBD is right for you, contact us today