In a world where CBD is rapidly growing in popularity, the odds are that if you haven’t tried it already, you’re interested in figuring out what all the buzz is about. While you should definitely try out CBD to see how it benefits you, at Cannagea, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate all the different terms, products, and opinions currently out there about CBD. 

That’s why we’ve been working on this blog — to answer some common questions about this amazing compound and provide our customers with reliable information. At Cannagea, we’re committed to helping people obtain the highest quality CBD products at affordable prices so the benefits can be reaped by all. 

Today, we’ll be providing some tips and useful information as to how you can choose the right CBD products for you. We’ll be doing this by traveling two avenues. First we’ll talk about the different types of CBD products that are available and the different benefits of those mediums. Then, we’ll talk quality and give you pro-tips regarding what to look for and what to be wary of when shopping for CBD.

Choosing The Right Medium Of Consumption

In terms of CBD mediums, there are two forms: topicals and consumables. Topicals are absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream, where consumables enter the bloodstream through the respiratory or gastrointestinal systems. 

Although we covered this briefly in our last blog, we’re going to take some time today to cover specific forms of topicals and consumables and why each could be a better choice for you. 


Topicals are a wonderful thing because they can be easily integrated into your daily routine. There are a plethora of products currently available on the market, but most commonly, you’ll find balms/salves or toiletries like lotions or body butters. 

The general benefits of topical applications are that you can intentionally target areas you’d like the CBD to affect. For instance, if you’re suffering from chronic knee pain (like our founder John Vail used to), you could directly massage a CBD salve to your knee and experience the benefits. 

So, are topicals the way to go? Here are some things to consider. Topicals are great for people looking to integrate low doses of CBD into their routines. Due to the nature of the medium, the topicals need to absorb into your skin, and then into the bloodstream. This means that you won’t be getting as much CBD into your system, so topicals are great for people who are first getting into using it, or like we said above, people who are looking to target certain areas. 

For practical, daily use a lotion or body butter is a great product to try. Simply use it as you would your normal lotion, and experience the lovely effects of CBD. For self care applications, we recommend using salves or balms in the place of massage oils or muscle rubs. Additionally, you could try a CBD bath bomb to elevate the relaxing properties of a soak.

In summary, the low dosage associated with topicals and their convenience of use make them a great product for people who are looking to start using CBD products or people who are interested in making CBD a part of their daily routine. 


The immediate difference of CBD consumables is that you are receiving a higher dosage of CBD, which means that you will feel its effects more directly. This means that the consumable medium is a great option for people who have been advised to use CBD for pain mitigation or relaxation, who are interested in experiencing the full benefits of CBD use, and who are looking for more intense results from CBD use. 

Consumables come in many different forms, which means that there is something to suit every preference. For those who are looking to streamline the process, a tincture or softgel is a great option. These forms of consumable CBD are often flavorless and are applied via drops under the tongue (tinctures) or via swallowing a pill (softgels). In one quick motion, you can apply your CBD and begin to feel the effects. 

You can also invest in edible forms of CBD like candies, drinks, and other food products. These have a variety of flavors (which means you can choose the one that you love) and the effects don’t set in as quickly as tinctures or softgels. This is because the CBD has been incorporated into the foodstuffs, so your body will absorb the CBD as it digests the product. 

Finally, there are a variety of smokable CBD options on the market like vape liquid, CBD concentrates, and CBD flower. These are great for people who enjoy smoking and can be easily integrated into your usual smoking routine. Like a tincture or softgel, smokable forms of CBD absorb into your bloodstream quickly, so you’ll feel the effects faster than you would a topical or an edible. 

How To Choose Quality CBD

As we mentioned above, amidst the current CBD craze, there are many different brands, concentrations, and types of CBD products available. This makes choosing the right one overwhelming and raises concerns over quality. Here are some tips as to how you can identify CBD that is worth your money and avoid giving your hard earned cash to companies who are just looking to take advantage of an uninformed consumer base. 

Note The Extraction Method

To extract CBD from the hemp plant, cultivators apply pressure to the plant which, in turn, forces the plant to release the CBD within it. Most commonly, companies use butane, food grade ethanol, or CO2 to make this happen.

When noting the extraction method used to obtain the CBD in the product you’re considering, skip ones that used butane. This chemical, although effective, alters the quality by diluting the CBD that is extracted. On the other end, CO2 or food grade ethanol accomplish the same goal without compromising the quality and potency of the CBD. 

Note The Production Company’s Attitude

A producer of CBD products should always stand behind their product. High quality CBD manufacturers are proud of what they make and are happy to boast about the quality of their CBD as well as the specifics. Going further, a CBD company who makes high quality, reliable products will provide their clients with third-party testing results that legitimize the quality of their products. 

Additionally, it should be hard for you to get your questions answered about a company’s CBD products. If you’re unsure about a product you’re considering, or if you’d like clarifications about a specific aspect of a product you should contact the company’s customer support. When contacting a CBD manufacturer, they should be happy to answer any questions you have, and they should be entirely transparent about their product. If they’re not, it’s definitely a red flag. 

Note The Source

Another important aspect of CBD is where it came from. Always look for CBD that meets industrial hemp standards in the USA. This way, you can be sure that the hemp has been raised specifically for its CBD. Also, do your due diligence to ensure that the hemp was raised without pesticides and other chemicals that you wouldn’t want to consume. 

Note The Variety

When it comes to CBD, there is broad spectrum, full spectrum, and CBD isolate. While all three can do the job, there is a difference in quality. Full and broad spectrum CBD contain a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that they’re going to be of a higher quality and produce better effects. That being said, full spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, so be sure that it’s legal in your area. 

While there’s technically nothing wrong with CBD isolates, they are of a lower quality as they only contain CBD. This means that you’re missing out on the extra goodness provided by additional cannabinoids and terpenes in full and broad spectrum CBD.


The Cannagea Way

The great thing about Cannagea? We produce only the highest quality CBD, and we offer a wide array of CBD products to suit your preferences. To run down the quality checklist we went over above…

  • All of our CBD is extracted our 100% solvent-less proprietary method (we never use butane).
  • As a company we stand behind our products 100%, and we’d love to answer any questions about our products, our company, and our CBD. We also happily provide third party testing results.
  • All of our hemp is grown in the amazing state of Colorado, and it’s always certified USDA Organic!
  • Our CBD is always broad or full spectrum. We’re crazy about the amazing benefits of extra cannabinoids and terpenes! 

If you’re interested in trying out CBD, or if you’re looking to find a reliable retailer with incredible products, choose Cannagea! Our online store offers bountiful options to satisfy your needs, and we even have a brick and mortar location in the awesome city of Fort Collins, CO. If you’re still not sure about CBD, give us a call! We’d love to hear from you.