While this summer will surely be far from normal, it’s important that we figure out ways to enjoy ourselves, get outside, and have some wonderful memories. Of course, we need to do all of this while following CDC guidelines like social distancing and wearing masks, but that simply means we need to get creative. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about some ways you can celebrate the summer season with the help of some incredible CBD products. Keep reading to learn more!

The Great Outdoors

We don’t know about you, but when we think of summer, we think of the great outdoors. Sure, we’re based in Colorado, so we’re extremely fortunate to have majestic mountains, lovely lakes, and other incredible forms of nature to explore. That said, summertime and the outdoors are a perfect match. From barbeques in the backyard to day-hikes with friends and family, the summer is a perfect time to be outside.

What’s more, spending time outside, especially if you’re with people, is the safest alternative in the wake of COVID-19. Now we’re going to cover some essential outdoor activities (and some CBD products that perfectly pair with them!).

Take A Hike

You can’t go wrong with a nice day hike, or even a long walk around your neighborhood. For one, you can easily socially distance on a hike, and you get a much-needed change of scenery. After spending so much time inside, you’ll be surprised by how reinvigorating and refreshing sunlight and a cool breeze can be! And, depending on your surroundings, you’re likely to experience some incredible things. For instance, you’re going to see a variety of wildlife, plants, and scenery while you take a hike! And if you’re in a city, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you too. Explore the parks that you have access to, and spend some time researching natural areas where you live, you’ll never know what you’ll find.

When you’re taking a hike and enjoying the sunshine, there are a variety of CBD products that you can use to heighten your wellness and get the most out of your experience! Whether you’re looking to enhance the relaxation and mindfulness of your outdoor adventure, that’s a great place to start! However, CBD products can actually help make a hike a more doable activity if you suffer from chronic pain and inflammation.

What’s more, there’s no right way to pick CBD for your outdoor adventure — simply choose based on preference! Maybe a sweet CBD snack will be a fun and tasty way to enjoy CBD in nature. Or, if you’re looking to CBD to ease your pain or inflammation so you can enjoy your hike, a tincture or topical CBD product may be best for you! Heck, sometimes it’s just nice to have a reliable CBD salve in your daypack in case your muscles get sore throughout the day. 

Social Distance Picnics

Whether you’re meeting in a park or setting up in a backyard, a social distance picnic can be a great way to see your friends and family, while doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Sure, you may not want to have a conventional ‘picnic’ since you don’t want to be sharing drinks and/or food, however you can gather at a safe distance to breathe some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and take a load off! 

If you’d like to have food and drinks, be sure to bring single-serving snacks or drinks, that way you can ensure there’s no cross-contamination or the like. Then, set up a blanket or hammock, kick back, and relax! Take some time to catch up with that friend you haven’t seen, or to simply enjoy each other’s company (from a distance!).

CBD edibles are perfect for this summertime event because they often come in single-serving, precision-dosed packages. And with a vast selection of everything from candy to drinks, there is a CBD edible for everyone.


While we are all jumping at any opportunity to safely spend time outside, it’s also important to have some plans for those times where you’re going to be entertaining yourself inside. Here are some interesting ways you can enjoy CBD and your summer while inside.

CBD And Paint Nights

Many of us have been relying on video chat software and innovative internet programs to connect with our friends and loved ones. From karaoke to trivia and more, there are almost too many options for online interaction. For starters, combining CBD with any of these activities can be a fun and interesting experience for everyone involved. However, there is a trendy and unique virtual event you can host with friends to enjoy some CBD and painting.

You’re likely familiar with Wine And Paint nights — there’s at least one business that offers it in every city. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, that’s something we can’t do right now… well we can’t do it in-person! Gather your friends over a video chat, have everyone enjoy their favorite CBD product, and spend some time working to paint the same picture. If you or a friend is a skilled artist, have them lead the session. And if everyone is in the same boat of not feeling artistically-inclined, have some fun with it! Choose a famous painting, image off the internet, or abstract idea and challenge everyone to create it how they see fit. This will surely create fun conversation, a memorable experience, and a relaxing atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy those summer vibes.

CBD And Self Care

If you frequent our blog, this concept is nothing new! But whether we’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s a normal work week, or you’re living your best life, you must ALWAYS prioritize self care. While we may not realize it, we all work hard to support ourselves and our loved ones, and to make the impact we want on the world. Sure, that may seem like it’s simply the right thing to do, that doesn’t mean it’s not exhausting! 

So, in our minds, it’s only natural that while you’re stuck indoors during the summer months, you embrace the season and enjoy yourself! While you may not be able to take your usual vacation — or even have food at your favorite spot — there are plenty of things you can do at home to practice self care. From working out to meditation, utilizing creative outlets to simply relaxing, it’s pivotal that you take time to do those things that make you feel good. Self care looks different for everyone, however we think everyone could benefit from incorporating CBD into their routine.

For one, with all the options you can easily add it to a self care activity — from CBD teas or adding a CBD tincture to your favorite blend, to CBD bath bombs and lotions for when you’re pampering yourself, Cannagea offers easy-to-use CBD products that taste and smell great. So not only will the CBD be positively affecting you, but delightful flavors and scents will be too. 


We hope, if nothing else, this blog has helped to inspire some ideas that’ll enable you to enjoy summer to the fullest. While we didn’t dive too deep into CBD, how it works, or even details regarding the products we mentioned today, please remember that we offer a wide catalogue of articles and resources about CBD and the products we offer. What’s more, if you have specific questions you’d like answered, we’ll get you a thorough answer if you contact us today

Now if you’re interested in our full selection of top-quality CBD products, we recommend that you browse our online store to find the perfect product for you.