Hey, thanks for coming back to the Cannagea blog! While many of you likely shop through our online store, this article is for all those people who are looking to try our incredible CBD products in Fort Collins.

While this may seem like a silly thing to cover, we understand how intimidating it can be for those who are new to CBD and CBD products. So keep reading to know what to do, questions you can ask while shopping, and more! 

Before You Get There

First things first, before you head to our CBD store, take some mental notes. What interests you about CBD? What questions do you have? Is there a certain benefit of CBD you’re looking to utilize (pain management, sleep, anxiety management, etc.).

Obviously, you’re not going to have the answers to these questions, but knowing what you’re looking for out of your experience with CBD will help our employees guide you towards the CBD product that’s perfect for you. 

Additionally, if you’re considering using CBD to manage pain or anxiety, be sure to consult with a doctor. This will ensure that CBD is a viable option for you, or you may be advised against it considering your health status. This is an important step considering that there have been no wide-spread regulations or guidelines surrounding the utilization of CBD.

Another aspect of CBD use you can consider before heading to our CBD store, is what medium of CBD will be most cohesive with your lifestyle. Does a topical CBD lotion or salve seem to be the best option? Maybe you’d prefer oral consumption via tinctures. Or perhaps you would like to have a bit of fun and try some delicious CBD gummies. 

When You Get There

Once you arrive at the store, you really have two options. For some, after you consider the points we discussed above, you may know a few products you’d like to try. For others who aren’t as comfortable, simply find a staff member, brief them on what you know, what you want to know, and some products you’re interested in.

At this point, you’re paired with an expert who knows the ins and outs of our CBD products. They will surely have answers to your questions and will probably even provide insight and suggestions that you hadn’t even considered! 

Just try to remember, especially if you’re anxious — our CBD store in Fort Collins exists to help guide those looking for CBD in the right direction. There will be no judgment, just some caring individuals excited to share their knowledge with you.

Questions To Ask When You’re With The CBD Experts

When you’re in our CBD store in Fort Collins, you have the perfect opportunity to demystify CBD and hemp. While at this point, you’ve probably been informed regarding the CBD products you could test out, it’s the perfect time to ask about how our CBD products come to be. 

Truth be told, this section is more dedicated to ensuring that you, our client, understand how to screen and understand the quality of the CBD you’re investing in. While you don’t have to worry about this with us, some companies selling CBD products are simply taking advantage of an uninformed but interested consumer base.

So what should you do? It’s simple — simply ask these questions and await their response:

  • Where do you source your hemp?
  • How do you extract your CBD?
  • Do your products have third-party testing results?
  • What other materials do you use for your salves, topicals, tinctures, etc.

We’re sure that you’re wondering, “What’s the pertinence of these questions?” Well, the answer is that these are all essentially screening questions to vet the quality of the CBD you’re considering. 

Hemp should be sourced in the United States to ensure that it meets the industrial hemp standards. Bonus points if the hemp used is all-natural and organic (at Cannagea, we use USDA Organic hemp grown in our home state of Colorado).

In regard to the extraction process, observe how the company reacts. If they’re unwilling to discuss it or are vague in their explanation, that’s a red flag. At Cannagea, we use a proprietary extraction process that yields pure, potent, and effective CBD. We encourage you to ask us about it!

Third-party testing results show that the company has had its CBD products tested and evaluated for quality and integrity of a neutral, unassociated source. In our opinion, you shouldn’t invest in a CBD company that hasn’t invested in testing their products. Check ours out here.

And finally, it’s a great idea to examine the other products a CBD company uses with its CBD. For one, it’s important to know that the CBD product you’re considering isn’t chock-full of fillers, unnecessary chemicals, or anything else that could hurt more than it could help. At Cannagea, we pair our CBD with things like shea butter and MCT oil — natural ingredients that supplement the qualities of our products and CBD.

Cannagea CBD — An Honest, Caring CBD Provider

All in all, a CBD company should be transparent when it comes to discussing their CBD. If they shy away from an answer or beat around the bush, find another company. From our point of view, CBD has a massive potential to help myriad people heighten their wellness and quality of life. And truthfully, it disappoints us that there are so many companies currently trying to make a fast buck off the current craze.

Thank you so much for stopping by our blog; we truly appreciate the time you spend with us. Hopefully, this has helped some of you mitigate the anxiety you may be feeling regarding CBD shopping, but if it hasn’t, simply contact us today! We’re always happy to talk with customers and share the wealth of knowledge and stories we have about this incredible compound. 

If you’re in Fort Collins, no need to search ‘CBD near me,’ simply visit our storefront, Colorado Vapors, located on South College. You’ll be greeted by friendly faces and incredible CBD. And for those of you elsewhere, no need to fret! Head over to our online store to shop our selection of CBD topicals, edibles, and more.