Of all the potential issues that come with getting older, one of the most terrifying to consider is neural degradation, specifically Alzheimer’s disease. A mental condition in which memory and cognitive ability slowly fail to the point of an inability to function autonomously, Alzheimer’s disease is an unfortunate reality for an overwhelming amount of the populace. Recent studies indicate that 5.7 million Americans are currently living with the disease, with 1 in 10 seniors over the age of 65 being affected. Changes in motor and memory function and even personality can be scary for both the patient and their friends and family, and the lack of any cure or even a specific designated cause add to the terror of the disease.

How can Alzheimer’s patients be helped?

With so many being affected so much, it is natural to turn to any and all medication for aid, which is where CBD oil is introduced. Derived from the marijuana plant but lacking any THC (or the psychotropic properties it causes), CBD oil is currently working its way into the cultural forefront. It is an extremely low-risk solution to many problems, including anxiety, muscle pain, and insomnia, to name a few (https://www.canabomedicalclinic.com/5-health-benefits-cbd-oils/). With so many painful conditions being helped by the introduction of CBD oil, it is a logical hope that more threatening conditions can be affected as well.

Currently, there are no definitive cases proving CBD is a direct treatment for Alzheimer’s, though it is a subject of great interest with many ongoing studies. But the situation may not be as bleak as it seems: While CBD oil has not been shown to be a cure for the disease, it has been shown to be effective in lessening the symptoms, and that’s a great start.

What does CBD oil help with?

There are several benefits of taking CBD oil as part of a treatment against Alzheimer’s. One of the primary benefits may be surprising: the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. Alzheimer’s disease is often accompanied by inflammation of neural tissue, and direct confrontation of this symptom has been shown to be effective in lessening the overall symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

CBD is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and can help mitigate the damage that inflammation can cause an already degrading neural state. On top of this, CBD can help manage the behavioral and mental effects of the disease. One of the most difficult aspects of Alzheimer’s is the change

Alzheimer's Disease

in personality, with previously kind individuals becoming bitter, mean, and seemingly completely different people. CBD can help behavior changes in a variety of ways, primarily by relieving anxiety and making a frightening situation more bearable. By removing the effects of negative emotion, CBD oil can help keep patients calm and prevent panic attacks and other complications.

Additionally, neural degradation, and especially Alzheimer’s, frequently disrupts sleep, making an already anxious patient much more emotionally and mentally vulnerable without the benefit of rest.

CBD is excellent for insomnia and irregular sleep patterns, and a regular, dependable sleep schedule can help make the disease easier to tackle. Finally, the well-known pain mitigation of CBD can help ease discomfort and assist in creating a more pleasant and receptive mental state.

Conclusion: There Is No Cure To Alzheimer’s Disease

It is the hope of millions that one day a true, 100% cure for Alzheimer’s disease can be found or created; currently, though, all one can do is hope to make the condition as easy and pain-free as possible. There are many treatment options available, though CBD’s natural approach to confronting multiple symptoms of the disease is certainly one of the strongest contenders. As CBD becomes more widely-accepted and implemented into medical practices, it will hopefully lead to more concrete proof of CBD’s beneficial relationship with all mental degradation conditions.

As with everything medical, it is recommended to consult a physician before beginning a treatment plan, especially when consuming other medications, but this can often be the first step towards a brighter future. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the scariest things that can happen to someone in their old age; until medical research has progressed, all that can be done is to try to help make a bad situation just a little bit better.


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