Quality CBD Products, Knowledgeable Staff, and Fair Prices

Cannagea CBD store was founded in Fort Collins, Colorado. Known for its knowledgeable staff and fair prices, Cannagea was shipping nationwide within months! CBD hemp oil products on the market were often low-quality and inconsistent. Cannagea refined the hemp oil extraction process to ensure that the CBD products would be both high-quality and affordable. Utilizing our proprietary hemp oil extraction process, we produce full spectrum CBD products rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. From CBD salves, to CBD tinctures, to CBD for pets, we’ve got everything you could want or need!

Every member of the Cannagea team is up to date by issuing the monthly CBD Briefing. These briefings are filled with the latest research and news on CBD to ensure Cannagea staff have a complete knowledge and understanding of the Cannagea CBD products.

CBD makes a huge difference in many of our customers’ lives!

Visit us at our Fort Collins store and learn what Cannagea can do for you!

The Cannagea Story

Core Purpose of Cannagea

The Cannagea Vision

Cannagea strives to be Colorado’s premier producer, educator,
and distributor of CBD products.

The Cannagea Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable holistic health products with the
intent of improving as many lives as possible. Products produced
with only the utmost concern for human and environmental
well-being will be found bearing the Cannagea name. Sourcing
through small Colorado farms to create a sustainable production
environment that supports the local economy. Each day is an
opportunity to share compassion and love to the members of our
community. If we can help, we will!

CBD Science

Image of CBD extraction process.

Our Story

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