Hello, and welcome back to the Cannagea blog! To continue our efforts of increasing our client’s literacy surrounding CBD and the CBD products that we offer in our online store and at our brick and mortar location, we’re back with another guide. 

In our last blog, we gave you all an in depth look into the topical products we have crafted here at Cannagea. This time, we’re going to give you all the rundown on all of the consumable products that we offer. 

We’re committed to helping our customers understand the products we offer so they can select the CBD products that will be most beneficial to their lifestyles and specific needs.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


What Is a Consumable?

If you’d like to get an in-depth understanding of what CBD consumables are and how they differ from other mediums of CBD, read our blog, ‘How To Choose The Right CBD Product For You’. For those of you who’d like an abbreviated version, CBD consumables are simply CBD products that you ingest. 

These can take the form of candies, foods, oils, and more! After ingestion, the consumables enter the bloodstream via the stomach or the blood vessels that are underneath the tongue. Consuming CBD actually allows it to enter your bloodstream more effectively than topicals, which makes them a great solution for those people who are looking for a quick onset of the CBD they’re using.

Now that we know what CBD consumables do, let’s look into the options we have to offer! And remember, we’ll always include a link to the products we’re talking about, so if you find yourself curious about a particular CBD product we offer just follow the link and get some to try.

Cannagea Consumables

When it comes to the CBD consumables that we offer, we create three main categories: foods, softgels, and tinctures. All of the CBD consumables that we make utilize CBD that is extracted from USDA Organic, Colorado grown industrial hemp! Additionally, we’re committed to quality, which means that we pride ourselves on our transparency regarding the sources and methods we use to create our CBD products. Check out our Third Party Testing Results to learn more about the quality of our CBD.

Cannagea CBD Drops

Our CBD drops come in varying potencies to fit the different needs of our customers. All of our CBD drops (for humans, but we’ll get to that in a minute) come in Natural (Hemp), Orange Citrus, Peppermint, Wintergreen, and Lemon flavors. All of our flavors are sourced from pure essential oils, nothing artificial! 

Additionally, our CBD drops are created by using our proprietary extraction process, which ensures the highest possible quality and concentration of CBD. Also, our CBD is combined with high-quality MCT oil, which allows it to enter the bloodstream and administer its effects in a fast, consistent manner.   

What’s more, all of our CBD drops come in blue glass containers (which protects the CBD from being weakened or damaged by UV rays), have .25 mg increment markings which allow users to tailor their dosing to their needs, and feature a childproof lid to ensure security and safety of your CBD product. 

For those people who are new to CBD drops, we offer a 600 MG bottle of our CBD drops. These drops will administer a 20 mg dose of our amazing CBD per full dropper, and the entire bottle offers about 30 doses. 

For those more experienced CBD users, or those who are interested in trying a higher dosage, we offer a 1200 mg bottle of our CBD drops. This means that a full dropper will administer 40 mg of CBD, and there are also about 30 doses per bottle.

In addition to our CBD drops for humans, we offer a line of CBD drops for pets. If you’re new to CBD for pets, this may seem a bit odd, but there is a load of anecdotal evidence suggesting the anxiety, arthritis symptom, and pain relieving benefits of CBD when administered to pets. 

When it comes to administering CBD to your pet, you can either mix a dropper full in with their food, or if they’ll let you, you can administer it directly to their mouth! Like our drops intended for humans, our CBD drops for pets are made with high-quality MCT oil to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

For smaller animals, we have two flavors of our 300 mg CBD drops, Bacon Flavor and Salmon Flavor. We recommend dosing based on your animal’s weight. For our 300 mg drops, first try administering a quarter dropper of CBD for every 25 pounds of your pet’s weight.

For larger animals, we offer 600 mg CBD drops in Bacon Flavor. We recommend giving your pet a quarter dropper of CBD for every 50 pounds they weigh.

Cannagea CBD Edibles

For those who are interested in utilizing the benefits of CBD with a less intense dosage, we offer a selection of CBD edibles to try. Our main medium of CBD edible is our line of Gummiez. These delicious candies come in a variety of flavors like Watermelon, Sour Jamberry, Blue Raspberry, Peach, and Tropical Fruits. All of our gummies come in containers with 250 total milligrams of CBD. Breaking this down, that means that there are 10 – 25 mg gummies in each package. 

For those looking to stock up on our delicious, easy to use Gummiez, we also offer a CBD Gummiez bundle. This bundle contains three packages of our Gummiez, and you can choose between three of the same flavor or three different flavors! Just remember, although these Gummiez are scrumptious, the serving size is only one at a time! 

In addition to our Gummiez, we offer three flavors of CBD Infused Jam. Our Blackberry, Strawberry, and Raspberry jams all offer 170 mg of CBD per package, and taste amazing! Simply use this as you would normal jam, but in the process reap the benefits of our superior quality CBD isolate! 

Cannagea CBD Softgels

The final variety of CBD consumables we offer are our CBD Softgels. A perfect option for those who are looking for a less intense CBD medium than drops, but aren’t looking to consume edibles, CBD Softgels are simply softgel pills full of our amazing CBD. We have three options when it comes to our CBD Softgels, but they only differ in quantity. Choose between a 30, 60, or 90 count bottle, with each individual capsule containing 25 mg of our CBD. Our CBD Softgels are designed to absorb quickly into your bloodstream, and our past customers have reported fast, effective pain relief when using them!  

Cannagea CBD

Hopefully this blog has helped provide you with some insight as to the CBD consumables we offer and how they differ from each other. At Cannagea, we love all things CBD, so if you find yourself still having questions about our consumable CBD products, our business, or our process for obtaining our premium quality CBD, please reach out to us! We can’t get enough of the great conversations that arise around CBD, and we’d love to hear from you!

Until then feel free to visit our website and store to learn more and shop through our other CBD products.